Nazih Group's vision is to develop sustainable growth by ensuring that each of its business units provides a step ahead of competition in the quality of product and services.

Our Code of Conduct

Nazih Group's Code of Conduct is aimed at supporting its vision while helping with the development of the countries and communities it operates within. This is achieved by investing in creating a pool of highly skilled employees, who abide by the laws of each country.

1- Monitoring Business Operations

With the aim of consistently providing "a step ahead" in the quality of the products and services it offers, Nazih Group ensures that each of its business units is working within the moral and ethical principles of the society it operates within. We have a dedicated team at our headquarters to monitor each of Nazih Group's business units and ensure full compliance with Nazih Group's established values and principles.

2- Leadership & Teamwork

Nazih Group firmly believes in teamwork and encourages natural leaders to emerge within each department of a business unit.

Our "natural leaders" guide their highly motivated and result-oriented teams with their sophisticated business acumen and industry knowledge towards achieving results that are considered to be cornerstones of our success at Nazih Group.

3- Sustainable Productivity

Nazih Group started small and throughout its journey, grew to be the sustainable multi-business corporation we know today.

Every step towards expansion by Nazih Group, was preceded with a careful analysis of its productivity, feasibility and endurance to the test of time. This careful analysis and successful decision making was only possible in the presence of a team of professionals with various backgrounds and who come from several business domains.

4- Employee Sustainability

Nazih Group consistently trains its employees to retain a professional and highly skilled workforce while ensuring full compliance with the legal code of conduct in each country it operates within.

Our Human Resources department values the following attributes in its hiring process:

  • Relevant Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Self-motivation
  • Openness
  • Honesty and Transparency

5- Social Responsibility

As an international socially responsible corporation, Nazih Group supports human rights, protecting the environment and works relentlessly towards developing the societies it operates within. We work closely with various social development organizations in each country of our operation.

6- Supporting the Environment

Nazih Group supports environmental causes while closely working with its suppliers, business partners and customers to safeguard the vital natural resources for the future generations. In all of its business units, Nazih Group have policies in place to preserve energy and water while utilizing energy efficient electronics and appliances.