As a pioneer in the Middle East region in various business sectors, Nazih Group was founded in 1975 and is present in 21 countries across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region in addition to Europe & Canada.

Nazih Group has its head quarter in Sharjah, UAE and employs more than 4000 employees in its payroll. Our customers and business partners trust our group for the quality of products and services we offer in various industries including Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution of Cosmetics Products (Professional & Retail), Paramedical Products, FMCG, Hospitality, Personal & Professional Care, Mineral Water, Marketing & Advertising, Cargo & Freight, Food & Beverages, Construction & Building Materials and Real-estate Development.

Business Partners

Sustainable Business Process

At Nazih Group, we adopt the most efficient business processes while continuously work with our business development consultants to ensure continuous development of our business processes.

Sustainable Management Systems

Nazih Group works constantly to create synergy by closely coordinating its business process with its partners' business processes. We continuously adopt new innovative systems to maintain growth and guarantee sustainable productivity with our business partners.


Nazih Group promotes an environment that thrives on innovation and continuous development of its employees and business systems. This is evident in the growth of Nazih Group's workforce and operations which are now spread across 12 different business sectors.


Nazih Group promotes openness, transparency and sharing of knowledge in its relationship with its employees, business partners, suppliers and above all its customers and the governments.

Strategic Priorities

The success of Nazih Group is attributed to the relentless efforts of its teams to maintain consistent growth. The success of our business units is attributed to the strategies which are constantly being adapted to the inevitable changes in the business environment with a focus on retaining the following three principles:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Innovation