The Real Estate Business unit of Nazih Group offers an extensive portfolio of leading property projects, both commercial and residential in the UAE and other Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia.
The business objective of this unit is to bring together sellers and buyers of commercial properties so that value addition is created for both parties.

Properties We Manage:

Commercial Properties: Shops, malls, offices, retail, industrial, warehouse, hospitality….etc
Residential Properties: Houses, apartment buildings, multifamily, condominium….etc

Services We Offer:

Valuation: We offer valuation services for all types of properties and advise our clients about the market trends, demand-supply projections and market developments.
Property management:

  • Design and implementation of advertisements
  • Manage enquiries
  • Arranging customer visits and viewings of properties
  • Drafting and finalization of agreements
  • Managing deposits and rental cheques
  • Pre move in cleaning
  • Transfer of property to clients
  • Periodic reporting to landlords
  • Move out inspection and confirmation
  • Pest Control